Meet Mateusz

Mateusz Sobierajski
Mateusz Sobierajski (born 1993) is a traveler and artist who deals with photography and digital art. After graduating, he traveled intensively around various continents for 6 years, meeting fascinating people and places, as well as collecting inspiration from nature and human existence. His journey is a journey of soul and body, traversing the elements of nature.
In his art, he searches for universal values ​​and refers to seemingly distant places and forms, using photos from various corners of the world.

Mateusz is the author of all photographs, no artificial intelligence was used to create these works.
He lived in Iceland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, and currently settles in Poznań. He traveled for five months throughout Southeast Asia, including India, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. He also spent four months in South America, visiting countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador. Mateusz Sobierajski also visited Morocco, Norway, Turkey, France, Italy, Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Qatar and Canada.

Mateusz likes to share his stories with others. One of the lectures he listened to inspired him and helped him believe in his travel possibilities. Now he wants to pass on his passion to others, so that they can also enjoy discovering new places and experiences.

* In 2019, he changed his name from "Budzisz" to "Sobierajski" - ask in a private message if you are curious.


"Polish women, patriots, rebels" - curator prof. Izabela Kowalczyk,
Arsenał Municipal Gallery, Poznan (Poland)
08/09/2017 – 08/10/2017
*under the name Budzisz


"Dreamscape" - Mateusz Sobierajski
Atelier Wimar, ul.Św. Marcin 75, Poznan (Poland).
21/11/23 - 01/12/23

"Collage p/P oznania" - Mateusz Sobierajski
Tramway Man's House, Poznań (Poland)
17/08/2023 - 01/11/2023

"People of the Road" - Mateusz Sobierajski - curator Antonina Karczewska
One Art Gallery, Poznań (Poland).

"Journal from India"
Atelier Wimar, ul.Św. Marcin 75, Poznan (Poland).
*under the name Budzisz
"People of Vietnam / travel shots"
Atelier Wimar, ul.Św. Marcin 75, Poznan (Poland).
04/08 – 07/09/17
*under the name Budzisz

Publications of Mateusz's works: