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Mateusz Sobierajski - surreal art & photography

"On the way..."

"On the way..."

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"On the way.."
4 photographs were used for this work. The first photo at the bottom shows part of the Jebel Tobukal route (Morocco) and my guide who took me to the top. The second photo shows the Alps, specifically the Eiger Mountain (Switzerland). The third background photo shows the mountains in the north of Iceland. The fourth photo I used in this work shows a group of birds, taken in Poznań (Poland).

✓ High-quality pimento printing (giclee - fine art print)

✓ All works used in this piece were photographed by me.

✓ Each work is signed and numbered by me.

✓ By purchasing here, you support a local artist.

✓ Poster created and printed in Poland.

✓ Sent in a cardboard tube or a specially stiffened envelope with a logo.

About the author:
Mateusz Sobierajski is a traveler and artist specializing in photography and digital art. For the past five years, he has traveled around various continents, meeting fascinating people and places, and drawing inspiration from nature and human existence. His journey is a journey of soul and body, traversing the elements of nature. In his art, he searches for universal values ​​and references to seemingly distant places and forms, using photographs from various corners of the world. Although much of his work involves combining photographs in post-production, he places great importance on capturing as much as possible on site. In his personal work, Mateusz does not use computer-generated, illustrated or stock photos, relying only on complex combinations of his own photographs. This process is very time-consuming, but extremely satisfying.

Format 21 x 29.7 cm, Limited Author's Edition 100 copies.
Format 30 x 40 cm, Limited Author's Edition 100 copies.
Format 50x70 cm, Limited Author's Edition 100 copies.
Format 70 x 100 cm, Limited Author's Edition 50 copies.

Colors may differ slightly from those visible on screen due to individual monitor settings. The work is printed after placing the order, the print is sold without a frame.

If you need a frame, a white frame around the print or a different size - please write to me.

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